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Tired of staring at your never-ending to-do list? Overwhelmed by tasks that may not even contribute to your personal growth or happiness? It's time for a change.


“I’m using my daily planner every single day and night and I love it. Actually, I must admit that it’s even hard for me to start the day without it.. because it helps me establish where should I focus through the day in life and work, and go through life with an intention“

Malena Giménez 

Senior Business Development Manager

With over 20 years of experience in productivity systems like Franklin Covey, Getting Things Done (GTD), and Time-Boxing,  I understand the struggle of managing tasks, ideas, and projects. After rigorous testing and optimization, I've crafted a system that's brilliantly simple and incredibly effective.

No need for apps, cloud services, licenses, or consultants. All you need is 10 minutes, a piece of paper (physical or digital), and the determination to make real progress toward your goals, happiness, and fun.

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Why use the TSI Day Planner? 

Benefit 1

Feel a greater sense of aliveness and accomplishment  by focusing on the things that make your feel more grateful, productive, and happier every day!

Benefit 2

Spend your day more intentional, truly manifesting your desired life and growth.

Benefit 3

Detach stress & burnout from success & fun by implementing work-life synergy!

Now including free 5-minute instructions and guidance video

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