Can you be successful in sales while being happy and having fun?

Detach stress and burnout from success and fun in sales with the 7 ingredients for lasting success and fun in sales.

Pascal Rieder

Pascal rieder  // CEO

As someone who has had the privilege of being guided by Bob Bogaard, I can say with confidence that Bob is an extraordinarily gifted coach and mentor. During a particularly challenging period in my life, in which I had to care not only for a sick child but also run a business, Bob was my rock in the surf.

Bob's Total Sales Innovation methodology goes far beyond just sales. It is a framework that decouples stress from success and fun in sales, something I have personally experienced. He provided me with the tools I needed to grow both professionally and personally, the latter being even more significant.

His ability to listen deeply, identify the root causes of problems, and provide pragmatic solutions for rapid transformation is unparalleled. Moreover, his approach to coaching makes the growth process fun and enriching.

Bob's extensive experience, gained at global technology leaders, enables him to share insights and lessons that truly make an impact. But what I appreciate most is how he combines this expertise with his passion for personal development and lifelong learning. This results in a holistic approach that has not only improved my business success but also my overall well-being.

For anyone looking for a coach who can help them achieve lasting success, happiness, and fun in their professional career, I highly recommend Bob Bogaard and his Total Sales Innovation methodology.

malena giménez  // bdm

The sessions and resources that Bob is providing to me have become my priority since we started our coaching sessions and have changed me for the better. It has shaped the way I show up in many situations.

Bob has a great understanding of the challenges in sales and can effortlessly diagnose what the issue is and how to solve it. He just has the exact words to describe what is happening.

He understands the connection between life and work and how important is to have them both well-aligned for a successful career and life.

He has helped me be more confident and embrace my personality when connecting with clients while having fun and being focused on the results.

I'm very lucky to have met Bob and have him as my coach.

jovica djurdjevic  // AE

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Bob. His innovative approach to coaching has been a revitalizing force, significantly enhancing my strategic thinking.

Bob introduced me to the concept of "ROE," a framework that has become integral to my decision-making process. His ability to impart crucial insights and lead with thoughtfulness sets him apart in the business landscape.

I strongly recommend Bob to anyone seeking profound business insights and leadership guidance. His expertise is invaluable for those looking to elevate their strategic vision.

about total sales innovation

Stay healthy, happy, and prosperous for many years in sales.

Learn the new paradigm for sales professionals and entrepreneurs through the seven ingredients of Total Sales Innovation to achieve lasting success, happiness and fun in sales.

25 years of success, failures, learning & optimizing now available for every seller and entrepreneur to be more productive and successful while being more happy and healthy, and having FUN every day!

Why total sales innovation and how will this help me?

Total Sales Innovation is developed to remove the barriers which are preventing sales professionals to achieve lasting success, happiness and fun in their professional careers.

Pilot Total Sales Innovation Online Course

25 Years in 25 Days!

Total Sales Innovation is developed combining 25 years of success and failures in sales, with proven research, analysis and best practices in the 7 ingredients of Total Sales Innovation.

Total Sales Innovation Webinar

25 Years in 25 Minutes!

Learn about the 7 ingredients for lasting success and fun sales. Get clear guidance to start strengthening the ones most important to you.

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Test yourself with the free Total Sales Innovation Quiz and score yourself guided by 7 short videos. Receive a personal report with your outcomes and recommendations.

Teaching Total Sales Innovation in 5 minutes

How entrepreneurs and sellers can achieve lasting success and fun without stress and burnout with Total Sales Innovation

My mission is to detach stress and burnout from success and fun in sales. Being a seller for over 25 years and having the privilege of working for tech leaders including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Progress and Sitecore, made me face and overcome many challenges, and develop a unique integrated work-life approach to help sellers and entrepreneurs realize outcomes such as:

  1. Faster and more effective learning and transforming
  2. Successfully sell innovative, complex technology products and services
  3. Sell in new and innovative ways including virtual, social and digital selling
  4. Implement pragmatic and highly effective ways to plan your year, business, opportunity, project or day
  5. Get your important things done by integrating your work and life execution
  6. Grow exponentially by adopting high performance skills and habits
  7. Realize synergy between your work and life and have fun every day!


Wat clients are saying

"Bob's been hugely influential in helping my business, Rika, establish a strong reputation in Europe - and he's been able to do this because he just "gets it" - and because he knows exactly what "great" looks like. His enthusiasm and work ethic carries everything he does with forward momentum and accurate direction."

James Beason

Founding Partner at Rika Digital

“Partnering with Bob is a 'Bliss'. Great energy, good insights and always a keen eye for the needs of a (potential) customer. He is highly skilled in translating business requirements into great solutions. And most importantly it is fun working with Bob!”

Mike Veldhuis

Partner at Nalta

“Few sales professionals can explain how to be comfortably successful in complex sales situations as well as Bob. How to help customers make good decisions. How you developed from transactional seller to acquirer or entrepreneur.

Jan van 't Klooster

Customer Success Manager at Dell Technologies

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